Thank you, RIAA!

In case you missed it, Rolling Stone took out an ad in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago, thanking record executives for their fight against the evils of MP3 file swapping.

Well, sort of thanking.

Kind of.


Here was the ad:

A big fat thanks to record execs

Thank you for fighting the good fight against Internet MP3 file-swapping. Because of you, millions of kids will stop wasting time listening to new music and seeking out new bands. No more spreading the word to complete strangers about your artists. No more harmful exposure to thousands of bands via Internet radio either. With any luck they won’t talk about music at all. You probably knew you’d make millions by embracing the technology. After all, the kids swapping were like ten times more likely to buy CDs, making your cause all the more admirable. It must have cost a bundle in future revenue, but don’t worry—computers are just a fad anyway, and the Internet is just plain stupid.

That’s kind of sort of almost like a thank you, isn’t it?