Somebody please shoot me.

Down here in Texas, a particularly ugly election season is about to draw to a merciful close, as Texans vote tomorrow for governor, lieutenant governor, senator, and attorney general, among other positions. And as usual, the campaigning has been a complete waste of time—endless mudslinging from all sides, with little hint of actual… well, campaigning. Accusations over issues. Donations over discourse. No one did anything to convince Mr. or Mrs. Texan to actually vote for them—they all just tried to come up with reason for you to not vote for their opponent. (“I have nothing substantial to say about myself, quite possibly because I’m an empty vessel waiting to be filled by special interest contributions… but say, isn’t my opponent a real weasel…”)

Regardless, after tomorrow, it’s over. Perry and Sanchez… Dewhurst and Sharp… Abbott and Watson… Cornyn and Kirk… all of you, please shut the f*ck up now.