Date night

So last night, I had a date with this pretty amazing woman. We met after work and drove down to Deep Ellum here in Dallas—so far, so good. Next came a quick bite at Deep Sushi—quite yummy, and things are still going well. Finally came the highlight of the evening: seeing Gaelic Storm in concert at the Gypsy Tea Room. Pat Murphy and the gang put on an energetic and amusing 90-minute set that kept us up way past our bedtimes on a school night. But it was worth it since it gave me more time to spend with my date (who, as I mentioned, is pretty amazing).

(And you may not know it, but it’s more likely than not that you’ve seen Gaelic Storm, too, without knowing it—they were the steerage band in That Overrated Movie About The Big Ship That Hit An Iceberg And Sank But Unfortunately Left Us With That Godawful Celine Dion Song… you know, that movie.)

I’m thinking of asking her out again—I had a good time, and I think she had a good time, too. Of course, she’s already wearing our wedding ring on her finger, so I’m pretty sure of my chances…

Not to say ‘I told you so’, but…

I told you so.

In bemoaning the current state of Texas A&M football, I had predicted that the Missouri game would pretty much be a toss-up, despite the fact that it was a home game for the Aggies and that Mizzou was not exactly a good road team. It just looked too much the scenario that gave A&M fits against Nebraska—a mobile QB against an injured Aggie defense.

Final score: Missouri 33, Texas A&M 27 in double OT. The eventual killer: a goal-line interception thrown by Aggie QB Dustin Long (playing in relief of injured starter Reggie McNeal) in the second OT.

So much for the goodwill gained by last week’s win over Oklahoma. The Aggie defense was once again exposed (the Wrecking Crew is dead—long live the Wrecking Crew…), and head coach R.C. Slocum still shouldn’t be getting too comfortable. This is the fourth game the Aggies have lost this season where they were favored to win (Texas Tech, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and now Missouri), with three of the losses (TT, NU, MU) coming at once-impregnable Kyle Field.

Texas A&M is now 6-5 (3-4 in Big 12 play), with only the annual grudge match against Texas remaining.

Thank you, RIAA!

In case you missed it, Rolling Stone took out an ad in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago, thanking record executives for their fight against the evils of MP3 file swapping.

Well, sort of thanking.

Kind of.


Here was the ad:

A big fat thanks to record execs

Thank you for fighting the good fight against Internet MP3 file-swapping. Because of you, millions of kids will stop wasting time listening to new music and seeking out new bands. No more spreading the word to complete strangers about your artists. No more harmful exposure to thousands of bands via Internet radio either. With any luck they won’t talk about music at all. You probably knew you’d make millions by embracing the technology. After all, the kids swapping were like ten times more likely to buy CDs, making your cause all the more admirable. It must have cost a bundle in future revenue, but don’t worry—computers are just a fad anyway, and the Internet is just plain stupid.

That’s kind of sort of almost like a thank you, isn’t it?



SH*T. I mean, truly—HO. LY. SH*T.

Texas A&M has just knocked off #1 Oklahoma, 30-26, in front of a rapturous home crowd at Kyle Field. Super-freshman Aggie QB Reggie McNeal led the way in relief of starter Dustin Long, throwing for 4 TDs.

If I heard correctly, it’s the first time in the team’s history that A&M has knocked off an AP #1-ranked team. (Kansas State was #1 in the coaches’ poll when the Aggies beat ’em in the Big 12 title game back in ’98.)

If this is what happens, I’m going to predict any Aggie loss every freakin’ week.

The Aggies are now 6-4 (3-3 in Big 12 play). Next up: at home versus Missouri.

And they’re going to pummel us. Drive us into the ground. We have no chance whatsoever.


Somebody please shoot me.

Down here in Texas, a particularly ugly election season is about to draw to a merciful close, as Texans vote tomorrow for governor, lieutenant governor, senator, and attorney general, among other positions. And as usual, the campaigning has been a complete waste of time—endless mudslinging from all sides, with little hint of actual… well, campaigning. Accusations over issues. Donations over discourse. No one did anything to convince Mr. or Mrs. Texan to actually vote for them—they all just tried to come up with reason for you to not vote for their opponent. (“I have nothing substantial to say about myself, quite possibly because I’m an empty vessel waiting to be filled by special interest contributions… but say, isn’t my opponent a real weasel…”)

Regardless, after tomorrow, it’s over. Perry and Sanchez… Dewhurst and Sharp… Abbott and Watson… Cornyn and Kirk… all of you, please shut the f*ck up now.