To be submitted to the classifieds…

WANTED: An offense.

Must be willing to score more than three points in a nationally televised football game. Running games that are better than anemic preferred.

True frosh quarterbacks that should have been redshirted need not apply. Wide receivers that can’t hang on to passes that hit them between the numbers also need not apply, as this position has been filled.

If interested, please apply in person with the Texas A&M football team.


Me, bitter? Just because the #19-ranked Aggies were manhandled at home by #7 Virginia Tech? The 13-3 final score (A&M lost, in case you haven’t figured it out) doesn’t fully reflect how inept the Texas A&M offense was. I really feel sorry for the vaunted Aggie defense—they busted their tails (again), holding the #4 rushing team in the nation to half their average rushing total, yet it was a race to see if they’d score more points than the offense.

The Aggies fall to 2-1 for the season (and out of the polls, I’d imagine). We’ve got at least two more losses coming later this year, but at this rate, we’ll end up also losing another game along the way just to piss me off…