Yup… again.


That would be the Texas A&M football team. If it wasn’t for the fact that Pitt couldn’t convert a seemingly simple extra point attempt, the Aggies could be looking at a 1-1 record. Instead, the Aggies are 2-0, squeaking out a 14-12 win on the road against the Panthers.

The Aggie defense: solid, as usual, although there appeared to be a lot more bend than usual (witness the two fourth quarter TD’s they gave up to make it a game). The offense: well, even though the numbers don’t reflect it (less than 300 yards total offense this week), I think they played a better game than last week, especially once starting QB Mark Farris was yanked in the second quarter for backup Dustin Long (Long played the remainder of the game and was reasonably effective, getting burned by a couple of key dropped passes), but they’re still going to be the Aggies’ downfall (see last season). And what’s with all the freakin’ penalties??—a team-record 16 (!) last weekend, 13 more this weekend.

Next comes an off week, then a home game against #9-ranked Virginia Tech. And I can almost guarantee you that two TD’s and a dozen penalties won’t win the Aggies that game.