Oh no, not again…

You’d think I’d be happier that the Aggies won their season opener last night, beating Louisiana-Lafayette (formerly Southwestern Louisiana) by a score of 31-7 in front of 75,000+ fans at Kyle Field.

But then you look closer, and you notice a few things: The A&M defense forced 10 (that’s ten) ULaLa turnovers—but the offense scored only 31 points. Six of those turnovers came in the first half—but the Aggies had only a 3-0 lead at halftime, owing to only 133 yards of offense. The offense finished the game with a mildly respectable 179 yards rushing—but the leading rusher was a backup QB (42 yards), with the starting tailback gaining less than 40 yards for the game. Four Aggie QB’s combined to go 18-for-47, with the starting QB getting yanked for awhile in the second quarter of a then-close game before finishing 13-for-32 for the day. The Aggies missed 4 out of 5 field goal attempts.

Barring a quick turnaround, it looks like the Aggies’ defense is going to have to carry the year (again), and that just doesn’t bode well (see last season). This was the game where the supposedly revamped A&M offense was supposed to strut its stuff and cast off the nightmares of last season’s 106th-ranked offense (there are 115 teams in Division I-A football). Oops.

Oh, and a personal note (opinion) for A&M starting QB Mark Farris: Paraphrasing the great Satchel Paige, “Don’t look back, ’cause someone may be gaining on you…”