The power of begging

Hey, looks like someone answered my help wanted ad! The #24-ranked Aggies beat Louisiana Tech on Saturday, 31-3, in front of 72,000+ at Kyle Field. In the process, the Aggies racked up over 400 yards of balanced offense (200+ yards rushing, 200+ yards passing), including a 100+ yard rusher and a 100+ yard receiver. Maybe it was the switch in offensive coordinators, I don’t know. But with Big 12 play opening this weekend, it was nice to see some points on the board for a change.

Granted, it was only La. Tech, but they had one of football’s top passing attacks in the nation… until, of course, the Texas A&M defense shut it down, giving up barely 250 yards of total offense to the Bulldogs.

Next up: Texas Tech, a team the Aggies should never lose to, but one that has had the Aggies’ number recently, inexplicably winning five out of the last seven meetings.

To be submitted to the classifieds…

WANTED: An offense.

Must be willing to score more than three points in a nationally televised football game. Running games that are better than anemic preferred.

True frosh quarterbacks that should have been redshirted need not apply. Wide receivers that can’t hang on to passes that hit them between the numbers also need not apply, as this position has been filled.

If interested, please apply in person with the Texas A&M football team.


Me, bitter? Just because the #19-ranked Aggies were manhandled at home by #7 Virginia Tech? The 13-3 final score (A&M lost, in case you haven’t figured it out) doesn’t fully reflect how inept the Texas A&M offense was. I really feel sorry for the vaunted Aggie defense—they busted their tails (again), holding the #4 rushing team in the nation to half their average rushing total, yet it was a race to see if they’d score more points than the offense.

The Aggies fall to 2-1 for the season (and out of the polls, I’d imagine). We’ve got at least two more losses coming later this year, but at this rate, we’ll end up also losing another game along the way just to piss me off…

Are you ready for some football?

For you football afficianadoes out there, have you caught the “Football 101” articles on penned by Bob Davie (former Notre Dame head coach and Texas A&M defensive coordinator)? They’re very clear descriptions of the stuff you hear about all the time while watching a football game, and even having followed football all these years, I’ve still managed to pick up a thing or two about the box and the ubiquitous zone blitz.

If you’re a football newbie, these are almost mandatory reading. You’ll know what you’re talking about (or at least seem like you do) in no time.

Culture rocks.

The stage version of The Lion King, simply put, is amazing. I’ve had the good fortune of seeing the touring productions of shows such as Les Miserables and Cats (but to date, I still don’t understand the big deal about the latter), but The Lion King beats them all in my book. Almost three hours long counting the intermission, but you’ll never once look at your watch.

And the Music Hall at Fair Park in Dallas is a pretty nice place to catch a show. We had orchestra seats and, aside from some slightly obstructed sightlines to the far edge of the stage—we were on the far right edge of the seating, meaning actors would briefly disappear from view if the ventured too close to the [right] edge of the stage—we had a grand view of the festivities. However, what’s with the funky acoustics in that place? You end up having to train your ears to pick up the actors’ lines and songs, though after awhile it’s not too bad…

Lots of kiddies at this one, as you’d expect. What was heartening to see was that the parents actually made sure that the kids dressed up a little for the show—no T-shirts, no cutoffs, or the like. It’s the little things that count, and it’s never too early to teach kids a little culture.

Guess what we’re doing this weekend?

Care to guess what we’re doing Sunday night…

(Hakuna matata!
What a wonderful phrase)

…at Fair Park in Dallas?

(Ain’t no passing craze
It means no worries)

Fortunately, we bought our tickets the day they went on sale…

(For the rest of your days
It’s a problem-free philosophy)

…else we might have missed seeing the touring production of…

(Hakuna Matata!)

…well, I think you can figure out what we’re seeing. :-)