“We’re here to pahmp… you ahp!”

5:00 a.m.: My alarm goes off. <*click*> <grumble grumble>

5:05 a.m.: Her alarm goes off. <*click*> <grumble grumble> <gets out of bed>

And so began Day One of our new plan: going to the gym before work a couple of times a week. I have to say, though, that once I actually got out of bed, it wasn’t all that bad. Of course, I can still envision how this could progress…

Day One: “Up and at ’em—this is great!”

Day Two: “Hang on a sec… I’ll be right up.”

Day Three: “Why don’t we do this tomorrow morning instead?”

Day Four: “SHUT OFF THAT #$%%^!! ALARM!”

But for now, it’s a good thing. And all together now: “It’s good for you.”