I’m not worthy!

So for this anniversary, I figured I’d leave work, stop and pick up some flowers, and go home and whisk my sweetie away for a nice dinner somewhere in town. My sweetie had other plans…

When I got to my car to leave work, there was a note sitting in the seat. And another note on the dash, telling me to head to a room in the hotel next door. And, sure enough, a room key lay underneath the second note. Upon entering the room, I find a nice set of dinner clothes laid out on the bed for me to change into—and another couple of notes, including the one asking me to meet her downstairs for dinner.

And sure enough, on the elevator ride back downstairs, I see her sitting there, waiting for me. But her plan doesn’t end there, as we head out the door to make our dinner reservation—not at the hotel (obviously), but at Aquaterra Grill, a steak and seafood place that we’d driven by a number of times. Now I wish we’d stopped by sooner… *yum*.

Heel that I am, I never did manage to get her those flowers.

I am so completely out of my league here. :-)