And many more

Yesterday was my sweetie’s birthday, so what did we end up doing? Going down to the Borders bookstore at Preston and Royal for a book signing by the Food Network’s Alton Brown (of “Good Eats”” fame). Now granted, I love his show (and by the way, after seeing and meeting him, he comes off as a genuinely friendly and funny guy), but since the signing didn’t start til 7:00, I was planning on skipping it entirely and instead having a nice, cozy dinner with my wife. Well, she had other plans. As she put it (paraphrasing), she knew that I wanted to make her happy, and this—doing something I wanted to do, even on her birthday—would make her happy. Is she the best, or what? Besides, one never argues with a birthday girl.

We did end up having that cozy dinner after the signing, though, at Giovanni’s, an intimate, family-run Italian place off of Preston. No Olive Garden cookie cutter stuff here, nosireebob—this was some darn good grub, and I’m sure we’ll be going back there again.

Oh, what did I get her? I got her a gift certificate… for a skydive jump from 10,000 feet or so. She’s funny that way. :-)

Happy Birthday, birthday girl! *BAWK!* *BAWK!*