The anti-“chick flick”?

I just got through watching the tail end of Tremors, the Kevin Bacon quasi-monster movie that came out about ten years ago. I remember the first time I ever saw the movie. A couple of friends and I decided to rent it, more on a lark than anything else as it looked like a terrible movie. (Which begs the question why we wanted to rent it in the first place, but anyhoo…) But it turned out to be (unintentionally?) hilarious, and it now ranks as one of my all-time favorite B-movies.

I mean, you get to see Michael Gross (a.k.a., the dad from Family Ties) and Reba McEntire (the country singer) as a gun-crazy, ready-for-the-big-one-to-drop husband and wife, uttering lines such as “Guess you broke into the wrong goddamn rec room, didn’t you!”—classic.

Of course, when I mentioned the B-movie bit to my sweetie, her response was “B-movie? Don’t you mean ‘C’?… or ‘D’?” Let’s just say that she doesn’t share my enthusiasm about the movie.

Then again, she now has the rest of our lives to acquire the taste. :-)