Random thoughts while I work on posting a summary of last weekend’s activities (ain’t procrastination grand?):

A bunch of us took the day off from work last Thursday to see an opening day showing of Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones. As a big fan of the original trilogy and as one who was greatly disappointed at the comic book that was Episode I, I was holding my breath on this one, even though the early reviewers were giving it much better marks. My opinion: “Eh.” Nifty special effects in their all-digital glory and some great action sequences, but the story and characters are only marginally less shallow than in the previous movie. (I really miss the character development—and to a slightly lesser extent, the plot development—from the original movies. George Lucas has definitely lost a step or two.) The movie did, however, set the table for a nice Episode III—that is, if Lucas has anything left in his creative tank to restore things to something approaching the glory days.

After nine up-and-down seasons—more up than down—The X-Files bowed out with their series finale this past Sunday. And as promised, it pretty much wrapped up the remaining loose ends quite nicely without getting too hokey in the process. Though the last few seasons were pale shadows of the first ones, I’m still going to really miss this show. Other shows have tried to latch on to the primetime sci-fi wave borne by the series, but nothing else has managed to approach the appeal (or longevity) of this trailblazer. Long live The X-Files—see ya in reruns (and maybe one more theatrical release…?).

And I finally tried one of the new wave of lemon drinks—Diet Coke with Lemon, in this case. In summary: gross. It basically tastes the same way those lemon-soaked paper towelettes smell, if that makes any sense. What genius thought that this would be appealing?