Part Eleven: Boy and girl go to NYC (Epilogue)

The date: July 15-19, 2000. The place: New York City…

The trip home was a little more exciting than we had anticipated.

It started with the cab ride back to Penn Station to catch our train back to Boston. All week long, we had somehow managed to avoid the legendary New York City traffic—we walked or took the subway for the most part, and the couple of times we cabbed it, things just sailed along. So, of course, our cab comes to a dead stop on our way to the station, and we’re getting close to missing our train. (Naively, we left the hotel later than we should have.) A few blocks from Penn Station, we decide to get out of the cab and walk/run the rest of the way. Which we do, finally making it… not more than two minutes after our train leaves the station. CRAP. Left with no other choices, we get tickets for the next train to Boston, leaving a couple of hours later.

So we’re sitting in Penn Station, reading the paper and a couple of magazines, munching on overpriced fast food. Now keep in mind that we’re sitting just outside the boarding area for the trains, and we’re paying really close attention to the boards and announcements, waiting for our new train. And yet we somehow manage to almost miss our second train, making it on board with less than five minutes to spare. Don’t ask me how this happened—to this day, we still don’t know how we [almost] screwed up [again]—but one minute we’re waiting for the train, the next we’re hauling ass down the platform trying not to miss it. But we did make it, and we did get back to Boston intact.

Well, mostly. As a cherry on top of this return trip sundae, I managed to leave a poster I had bought at the American Museum of Natural History on board the train. Of course, I didn’t realize this until the next day, and numerous calls to the station and Amtrak during the week turned up empty.

Ah well, just one more memory of an already memorable trip. And I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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