Mmmmm… so-o-o-oft…

The new carpeting was installed yesterday—and oh my freakin’ goodness, what a difference it makes! We knew the old carpeting was beyond ugly, but until we saw the whole house laid out in the new stuff, we didn’t realize just how ugly. Old stuff: a coarse and dingy gray (yes, gray) Saxony-style carpet with more stains than you’d think was possible. New stuff: way-soft sand-colored cut pile berber that is an absolute joy to walk barefooted across. Plus it looks so good with the colors we’ve chosen for our walls.

A small hiccup came up in that the factory shorted our installers four feet on one of the carpet rolls. However, the shortage was hidden in the back of one of our hall closets, so you can’t see it unless you know where to look. (It will, of course, be fixed regardless, hopefully within the next few days.)

Regardless, a happy happy day.