OK, ummmm… huh?

It’s common knowledge that this is the last season of The X-Files. It’s also generally accepted that this season has been pretty weak—in fact, there have only been one or two episodes this year that haven’t left me with a feeling of “huh?” or, at the very best, “eh.” or “whatever.” after watching them. And I like Annabeth Gish as much as the next guy, but Monica Reyes is no Fox Mulder.

This past Sunday’s episode, I’m guessing, was supposed to follow The X-Files’s annual tradition of a silly/lighthearted episode a la “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose” or “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space”, giving us guest star Burt Reynolds (!) in the role of “Mr. Burt” (say, that’s original…). And judging from a number of comments I’ve been reading, it appears that many are raving about the episode, to the point of comparing it to past episodes such as “Clyde”.

Which leaves me with the question: Were we watching the same show? This episode sucked, with a capital “suck”. I mean, I’m basically watching this season out of obligation after having sunk so much time into it over the years, and frankly, I’m just waiting for the series-ending two-hour episode in May. But even with these lowered expectations, this episode managed to be an utter waste of my time.

I must have missed something. I must have, right? Right?

Maybe not.