OK, so that wasn’t too bad

I’d like to say I survived last night’s first dance lesson. I’d like to, but that wouldn’t really tell you how it went, for not only did I survive it, I actually learned something from it! Yes, I—the geek with two left feet—took my first steps on the road to basic waltzing and had a good time doing it.

The instructor, Mark, knew I was an utter novice and toned down what I’m sure is his normal approach, gearing it more towards me (the doofus) and our specific target (wedding dance). This was also the first time I’d ever taken a private lesson, so that had a lot to do with it. (I’ve taken group lessons a couple of times and got very little, if anything, out of them.) I’m still not quite comfortable with everything just yet, but I feel much better about things than at this time yesterday, that’s for sure.

And let’s not overlook the biggest perk: I get to dance with my sweetie. :)