What do you call that move?

The wedding is getting really near—barely over a month to go now!—but there’s still one major issue that needs to be resolved: How do I make it through the first dance with my sweetie after we’re married without looking like a complete goober?

It’s an issue that’s near and dear to many of us, and if you’ve ever been in my position (read: dancing = looking like you’re having a seizure), you know what I mean. The song we’ve chosen is a waltz, and the last time I waltzed was… well, OK, I’ve never really waltzed. Hence, the trepidation.

We’ve got a private lesson set up for later on tonight with a local instructor. My sweetie doesn’t need it—this is all old hat to her—but I sure do. And as she’s pointed out, it’s all a matter of confidence, and I just don’t have it right now (and she knows it, too, bless her heart). I mean, if this was me playing golf, I’d think I was Jack-freakin’-Nicklaus on every shot, no matter how things actually looked. (Then again, I’ve been golfing for almost 20 years now…)

But she’ll love me, even if I did look like a complete goober. And I love her because I know she would.