I can see clearly now…

Yay!—the installation of our new windows is underway! (We’re having every window in our house replaced with new vinyl replacement windows, partly for aesthetics but mostly for efficiency—the original aluminum clad ones leak like sieves through the glass and/or have broken seals.) The upstairs windows are done, save one, and about half the downstairs windows are in place.

And let me say, they are gorgeous.

This part of the home renovation should be finished on Monday, per my discussion with the remodeler this morning. All of the [custom] windows we ordered are ready for pickup from the window contractor, but as they’re closed for the next two days for Passover/Good Friday, the earliest our builder can grab them is Monday. (I’m willing to wait… as if I had a choice, right?)

After that, all that will remain is the new carpet, and we’ll be sitting pretty (literally!).