Turning the big one-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh

Almost forgot to mention this… my car—a ’95 Toyota Camry—rolled over the 100,000 mile mark driving home from Houston on Tuesday. The milestone was hit about 10 miles south of Huntsville, TX, along northbound I-45.

It took about five years to put on the first 70,000 miles. It took a little over a year and a half to put on the next 30,000. Driving down from Massachusetts (to D/FW) and a round trip 4th of July trek to Cleveland (from D/FW)—not to mention round trips between D/FW and Houston every other weekend for nine months (before my sweetie moved up here)—will help do that, I guess.

Stupid me forgot to pull over and take a picture.

Follow-up (Oct 8, 2006): And it rolled over to 200,000 miles last night on the way back from Vermont. And again, no picture to mark the occasion.