Almost there

Not married yet, but we’re getting there.

Things accomplished while down in Houston for an extended weekend: meet with florist—check; finalize the reception menu—check; meet with bridal hair/makeup lady—check; take bridal photos—check; take engagement photos—check; shoot the engagement video—check; meet with wedding cake lady—check. Also, as we’re sending a few of our invitations overseas to my relatives in Korea, they had to be translated, so… get invitations translated by Mom—check.

But… I still need to get tux measurements to the wedding coordinator (waiting to hear back from the other menfolk in the wedding with their numbers), and I also need to make a call to arrange for beer/wine/champagne at the wedding. We also need to finish sending out the invitations (almost done) and register somewhere (needs to be done ASAP… we don’t care much for the whole thing, but everyone’s asking, so I guess we’ll bow to tradition). We also need to get off our butts and plan our honeymoon.

Is it too late to elope?