Bye-bye, old patio…

I get home yesterday, and what do my eyes see but a completely demolished back patio slab! Yup, they jackhammered the thing to chunks yesterday afternoon, and (weather permitting) the new slab will be poured later today. I sure hope my neighbors were at work yesterday—there’s no way the demolition could have been quiet, and I forgot to warn them that this would be happening… oops.

The header from the old deck is still mounted to the exterior wall of the house, though. I mean, I’m sure it’s going to come down eventually, but I probably oughta ask anyway.

And yes, I did get a picture of the rock pile that used to be the patio, but as I’m not using a digital camera, I’ll have to wait til the roll runs out, then get the prints developed and scanned. Oh woe is me and my lack of [even more] toys. :-)