January, May, March, Apr—… wait, that’s not right…

Yay! The wedding invitations and whatnot arrived today. We picked them up earlier this evening, and everything looks great. I mean, they really look great (are guys allowed to say that?… oh well…)

Picking up the stuff, however, provided yet another opportunity to show that I can be a complete bonehead. As part of the wedding package, we also ordered a pair of toasting goblets, each engraved with the our names and the date of the wedding (May 11, 2002—this is important, as you’ll soon see). As I was inspecting them to make sure everything was okay, the following exchange ensued between my fiancee and me:

Me (puzzled, noticing the “5-11-02” engraved on the goblets): “Wait, 5??”

Her (puzzled at my puzzlement): “Yeah, 5… May?”

Me (realizing my boneheadedness): “Oh… right.”

See, for some reason, at the very moment I was looking at the goblets, my mind was expecting to see a “2” engraved instead of a “5”. Don’t ask me why—maybe it was because it’s February right now, who knows—but I really wasn’t expecting to see a “5”. I mean, it’s not like the wedding is/was on February 11th (i.e., 2-11-02)—I know a bunch of people who’d be pretty ticked that we got married without them being there…

Oh yeah, we also picked out the tuxedo styles for all the menfolk in the wedding. We’re gonna look goooooood.