Part Four: Boy and girl… almost.

The date: summer, 1993. The place(s): Bryan/College Station, TX…

I ended up rooming with her and her then-roommate starting that summer, primarily out of convenience—with the three of us, we were able to rent a nice little house way out in the north end of Bryan. There was one unwritten but oft-spoken rule: “No sleeping with the housemates!” It was something of a running joke, but that doesn’t mean it was always funny…

One of the guys next door to us—let’s call him “Eddie”, since that was his name—has a little thing for her. The feeling is not really mutual. Anyway, one night all of us end up going out to shoot some pool, and on the drive into town, Eddie is riding along with us. In the back seat. I’m in the front seat with her, holding her free hand as she drives with the other, letting my fingers trace around hers, glancing occasionally at Eddie in the rear view mirror. I don’t think he’s as pleased with the seating arrangements. I couldn’t care less.

Now we’re all at Alfred T. Hornback’s Pool Emporium, shooting pool, drinking beer. Eddie’s trying to flirt with her… unsuccessfully, as she and I are too preoccupied flirting with each other. Flirting one helluva lot. The other housemate joins us at Hornback’s later on in the evening. She’s in a bad mood when she walks in and doesn’t stay long, letting us know on her way out that she’s crashing at a friend’s place for the night. We notice, but not really.

The party, such as it is, moves back to the house. I forget how it happened, but she ends up sitting on the floor, coloring a picture with crayons just like a little child, all the while immensely happy. I’m sitting on the floor next to her, helping her color, running my hand idly up and down her outstretched leg. Eddie’s still there, doing… something, I don’t know. She and I go to her room to get… something, I forget what. As she stands in front of her closet in the half-light coming from the hall, I slip in behind her, wrapping my arms around her, resting my head on her shoulder. She tries to push me away, but not really. She turns around, plants a hard kiss on my lips, then breaks away from me and saunters out of the room, leaving me standing in the dark pleading “Heeeeyy…” to her retreating, giggling form. I follow like a puppy.

Sometime soon after that, Eddie leaves.

Later, we’re sitting on the edge of her bed, the two of us wondering aloud “What the hell just happened?”—and wondering silently “What the hell is going to happen?”. Still, I end up retreating to my bedroom at the other end of the hall, each of us pausing to look at the person at the end of the hall before closing our doors.

Laying in my bed, I can’t sleep. I get up, put my hand on the door to my room, but end up going back to bed. Still can’t sleep. Back to the door again, but this time I turn the knob. I step out into the hallway and make it halfway to her room before pausing… before turning around to go back to my room. Back to bed again. I think I got about an hour’s worth of sleep that night.

At the other end of the hall, she’s still sitting in the dark on the edge of her bed, wondering if I’m going to walk through her door, knowing that if I do it’s all over. But I never do. She ends up not sleeping at all.

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