Part Three: Boy goes out with girl (again)

The date: February 27, 1993. The place: still College Station, TX…

I forget how we ended up there, but we spent the first part of Saturday night at a local watering hole. I think we were meeting up with someone else there, but like I said, I forget the details. Anyway, we wandered through there for a little while, each of us running into a couple of people we knew, before we mutually decided that we were tired of the place.

So we left, stopping by a video rental store on the way back to her place. We spent the next couple of hours curled up on her papasan couch, my arm draped across her shoulders as we watched Deceived (a drama/suspense flick starring Goldie Hawn—how weird does that sound?). To be honest, I don’t remember much about the movie itself at all. The thing I remember is getting to a certain point in the movie, having something startling happen, and having her literally jump deeper into my arms. And me, of course, thinking how very nicely things were turning out.

After the movie ended, we just sat and talked for awhile. Maybe more than just awhile, for by the time I left, it was early in the a.m. again. We kissed again… just a little longer than the night before… but… nope, still no fireworks. Talking to her much later on, it turns out she felt exactly the same way, but even at that moment, I think it was silently understood that we were just going to be really good friends—and I had no problem with that.

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