Part Two: Boy goes out with girl

The date: February 25-26, 1993. The place: still College Station, Texas…

A group of us ended up at the same club the following Thursday for comedy and dancing (it could be argued that seeing me dance is comedy… but I digress). Sometime during the evening, I ended up with some of her money, some change from a round of drinks bought during the night, I imagine. Regardless, our mutual friend gave her my number the next day so that she could reach me and so that I could get her money back to her. She called me that afternoon… we talked… I asked if she was free that night, and she said yes.

So we went out that night, back to the same club for some more dancing. We stayed there until some ungodly hour, I’m sure, but I don’t think either of us was really paying attention. We were just having fun, pure and simple. When I took her home that night/morning, I walked her in, and we exchanged a small kiss—a peck, really—before I left. It was very sweet… not fireworks and shooting stars, but a very pleasant way to end a nice time.

We also made plans to hang out together the following night.

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