Well, that was fun. NOT.

Monday afternoon, I develop this awful pain and pressure in my abdomen, starting in the lower right area and spreading upwards. I figure it’s a horrible case of gas and take some over-the-counter stuff before going to bed. Didn’t help at all, and I ended up being restless (and sleepless) all night.

Tuesday, the pain and pressure are still there, and I’m just feeling uncomfortable in general. So now I’m thinking it might be the joys of constipation, so I get some stuff for that. And on the off chance that it’s something more serious (and at the urging of my sweetie), I make an appointment with my doctor for the next day.

So now it’s Wednesday… and I’m feeling a whole lot better. I mean, tons better. But since there’s still a little bit of discomfort, I go ahead and keep my appointment. He can’t rule out appendicitis, even if I’m exhibiting none of the classic symptoms aside from the location of the pain, so he sends me to the hospital adjoining his office’s medical plaza, just to get checked out and eliminate anything more serious.

They check me out. Their initial tests come back clean, too, but the doctor in charge harbors the same suspicions as my own doctor and orders a CT scan—again, just in case. And lo and behold, I’m in the early stages of appendicitis. A couple of hours later, I’m having my appendix removed, and now, two days after that, I’m back home, sore as hell but in fine shape otherwise.

And my office did send me a nice cookie bouquet basket. :-)