Pilot light? Fuggedaboutit!

Our house is about ten years old and was built during a time when electric heat pumps were the reigning fad in homebuilding, at least in our neck of the woods. I mean, the houses built then (such as ours) don’t even have natural gas service running to the house at all. Lately, we’ve been looking into retrofitting our home with natural gas in order to have an auxiliary gas furnace connected to our heat pump system for those particularly cold days—after all, it’s cheaper than electric auxiliary heat.

The good news: TXU Gas will run 100 feet of line from a gas main to your house for free, assuming there’s a main on your side of the street.

The bad news: There’s not a main on our side of the street (but you already knew I was going to say that), and I found out today that it’d cost around $7000 to route service from the other side of the street. (Our part of the subdivision was the first section built; the newer sections, which includes the section across the street, do have gas service available to them… argh!)

Meaning we’ll be looking instead at one of the newer, more efficient electric heat pump systems to replace our existing one sometime next year. Oh well.