Happy holidays after all

In addition to making off with a huge gift haul this year :-) I was also treated to Texas A&M winning their first post-season bowl game since the ’95 Alamo Bowl, as the Aggies beat TCU in the galleryfurniture.com Bowl (don’t laugh, that’s the real name) today by a 28-9 margin. The offense was, of course, so-so, but the defense ruled the day, holding the Horned Frogs to -26 yards rushing (that’s minus twenty-six yards) in beating TCU for the 24th consecutive time.

And now we’re heading back to D/FW in a couple of hours—but only for the weekend, as we’re driving right back to Houston on Sunday to spend New Year’s down there. So until next week, Happy New Year, and I’ll see you in 2002!