I’m ready for Santa now

Thanks to the good folks at Chimney King, our chimney and fireplace are now clean and ready for some good-for-snuggling evenings by the fire. And judging from the chimney sweep’s comments, it’d been some while since the chimney was last cleaned… big surprise there, NOT. Erik (the sweep) and I gabbed a good bit while he was here—just random shoot-the-breeze sort of stuff—and as he was leaving, he mentioned that he was thankful to get a few “nice customers”. Which, while flattering, struck me as sort of odd… I mean, what reason would people have for not being nice to someone, especially for a job well done? Hell in a handbasket, I tell ya.

And as a bonus, while he was up on the roof inspecting the chimney cap, Erik took down an old aerial antenna—another gift left by one of the prior owners of the house—that had been lashed to the chimney. Seeing as how we have cable, it wasn’t doing anything other than looking ugly up there, but I’d been too lazy to climb up on the roof to bring it down. Now it looks like little pieces of metal in the garbage toter.

C’mon, big red guy, let’s see some presents! :-)