Out of the mouths of babes

T. brought his two kids to work today, and a bunch of us were standing around talking and playing with them when we spotted L. coming down the aisle. S. made the comment “Uh oh, here comes trouble!” (That S.—such a rabble-rouser… :-) When L. made it to our group, someone did the standard goo-goo talk with the kids, going, “Hey, who’s dat? Who’s dat dat just walked up?”

And without missing a beat, the eldest child—a three-year old—replied, “Dat’s twouble.” Too cute.

L.’s response? “Oh, that’s just great. He’s already got me figured out.”

Of course, as L. was coming down the aisle, we had told the kid to run down to him and yell, “Daddy!” (L. is chronically single.) However, something got lost in the translation, because this ended up being the actual exchange:

Child: “I’m the man!”

L. (confused): “You’re the man?”

Child: “Yup, I’m the man!”

L.: “Aaaall right then.”