Well, crap

A little while ago, I received e-mail and snail mail from AT&T@Home, telling me that their Internet service provider, Excite@Home, may shut down as part of its (Excite’s) bankruptcy proceedings and that I’d receive information from AT&T about migrating to their own network should this happen.

Well, a judge has given Excite@Home permission to shut down, meaning I’m expecting some sort of blurb from AT&T anytime now.

I just hope I don’t lose my Internet connectivity during this mess. That would not make me a happy camper.

A sad tale of woe

My friend, Joanna, and I have been giving each other all sorts of crap pretty much since the day we “met” in a USENET newsgroup, but it’s all been in good fun (though you’d have a hard time believing it if you ever read our back-and-forth banter :-)

Unfortunately, she has unwillingly become a more than casual victim of one of the latest Outlook virus attacks, namely the so-called Badtrans virus.

There are probably a couple of people that I would wish this upon, but she’s definitely not one of them.

Random post-holiday musings

The game… ugh, the game. Texas A&M fell at home to arch-rival Texas, 21-7, ending the Aggies’ regular season at 7-4 (4-4 in the Big 12). Now we await a possible bowl bid, most likely a very minor bowl (galleryfurniture.com Bowl, anyone?) but with a fleeting shot at a mid-level one (Alamo Bowl). *aaarrgh*… if we only had an offense…

A cool bonus almost literally dropped into my lap this weekend, however. For some time, I’ve been looking for a copy of an out-of-print 1951 book called The Story of Texas A. and M. by George Sessions Perry, an early history of Texas A&M that’s damn near impossible to find nowadays. As it turns out, my soon-to-be mother-in-law had a copy of it—almost forgotten by her—sitting on a bookshelf. I remarked (completely innocently, mind you) that I had been looking for this book, and in a rather generous gesture, she gave me her copy, just like that. Really cool.

On Friday, my sweetie made mandu (Korean dumplings) for her family, something she’s been itching to do since first being introduced to the dish by my mom last Christmas. It was a rousing (and quite yummy) success. We also bought a jar of kimchi (Korean pickled cabbage) at an Asian food market to bring back with us—and then prodeeded to leave the jar in her mom’s fridge, something we didn’t remember until we were on our way back home. (D’OH!)

I really should be getting back to work now.

Happy Turkey Day!

We’re heading off to Houston in about half an hour for the holidays. We’ll be with my sweetie’s family through Friday, as my folks are in Florida spending time with my brother and sister-in-law. We’ll get to see them (my parents) this weekend in College Station before heading back up here on Sunday.

Family and friends and football (Texas A&M vs. Texas on Friday—methinks that this won’t be a pretty game, unfortunately…), with not a hint of work for a few days. What’s not to like?

Out of the mouths of babes

T. brought his two kids to work today, and a bunch of us were standing around talking and playing with them when we spotted L. coming down the aisle. S. made the comment “Uh oh, here comes trouble!” (That S.—such a rabble-rouser… :-) When L. made it to our group, someone did the standard goo-goo talk with the kids, going, “Hey, who’s dat? Who’s dat dat just walked up?”

And without missing a beat, the eldest child—a three-year old—replied, “Dat’s twouble.” Too cute.

L.’s response? “Oh, that’s just great. He’s already got me figured out.”

Of course, as L. was coming down the aisle, we had told the kid to run down to him and yell, “Daddy!” (L. is chronically single.) However, something got lost in the translation, because this ended up being the actual exchange:

Child: “I’m the man!”

L. (confused): “You’re the man?”

Child: “Yup, I’m the man!”

L.: “Aaaall right then.”