The nightmare is over

At long last, the upstairs office is painted, meaning we can finally start moving furniture into the room.

And that is the last time I’ll mess with Behr’s sandwash textured paint. Talk about your complete pain in the ass to work with.

Follow-up (Jan 13, 2003): Oddly enough, this post appears to be one of the most popular ones on this site. At least it’s the one the search engines keep finding here when people go looking for anything about sandwash paint via Google. So here is a bit more detail about my experiences…

We had originally decided to paint the upstairs office walls with Behr’s sandwash textured paint, mainly because it really looked cool on the sample. Three or four very expensive gallons later, all we had to show for our work was a room full of streaky, blotchy walls. Rather than sink more money into an increasingly frustrating and seemingly pointless exercise, we bit the bullet and just painted over everything with some “normal” Behr interior latex paint. No problems, as everything was covered up in a couple of coats.

I thought it was just us, but based on the comments I’ve received, it appears that a great many people have had bad experiences with this stuff, even when following the supposed directions on the can. I guess that makes me feel better, but not really.