These paint fumes are making me dizzy…

We spent most of this past weekend gutting the master bedroom at the new place. Well, perhaps “gutting” is too strong a word, but we did tear down the existing wall border (bleah) and repainted the walls and ceiling to our liking. The master closet was also gutted—this time, not too strong a word, as we ripped out all of the existing shelving (everything was warped) before repainting the walls and ceiling there as well. Another coat of paint on the bedroom walls, some crown molding, and we’ll be pretty much set there. Not sure how we’ll finish off the closet just yet.

A whole weekend and we “only” got to one suite, but we did one heckuva lot of work to that suite, if I do say so myself (and I do). Besides, we figure it’s going to take a couple of years (and a non-trivial amount of dinero… cha-ching!) to really get everything the way we want things to be.

I’ll have to get off of my butt and post some pictures one of these days.

(And yes, I did take an extended break Saturday afternoon to watch the game. I mean, duh.)