More than just relieved

I just heard from one of my oldest friends; I’ve known her since the 6th grade… wow, more than 20 years ago. Normally, this might not warrant any special mention, but in this case (a) she and her husband live about a block from the World Trade Center; and (b) I haven’t heard from her since the attacks. But it turns out that she—… they’re both fine, just temporarily displaced (which, along with any number of other reasons, explains why I couldn’t find her).

Of course, part of me feels like a complete dufus. I mean, I guess I could have just called her mom and asked if she’d heard from her, but the thought never dawned on me. Then again, what if I had remembered to call her mom, only to find out that things hadn’t turned out as well… no, no, I’m not even going to think about that.

Yep, I think today’s a pretty damn good day.