What’s that smell?

That smell? Smells like the opening day of Texas A&M’s football season to me. :-)

After driving down to College Station yesterday afternoon, we attended the First Yell activities on campus. The fun opened with a concert by Jeff Foxworthy (of “You might be a redneck…” fame) and Bill Engvall (“Here’s your sign…”), and we laughed ourselves silly for almost three hours. Following the concert was the first Midnight Yell Practice of the year. If you’ve never heard of Midnight Yell, it’s an A&M tradition in which the students attend a “yell practice”—something like a pep rally on steroids—the night before a game (at midnight, of course… duh), and since this was a home game, Yell was held inside Kyle Field (our home field)—the best place in the world to see a college football game, by the way. Literally tens of thousands of students and fans typically attend Midnight Yell, and if you’ve never seen it, trust me when I say that your school (unless you attended A&M) doesn’t have anything like it.

The funny thing is that we’re not going to the game against McNeese State tonight. Instead, we’ll be in Houston at the Lyle Lovett/Shawn Colvin convert in The Woodlands. I hate missing the ball game, but (a) it’s only McNeese State, and if we don’t win by at least four TD’s, I’ll be disappointed; and (b) c’mon, we’re talking about Lyle here. :-)