Home sweet home. Almost.

We (my fiancee and I) are one step closer to owning a home, but only after almost terminating the contract on the house we’re pursuing. We had offered a short and very reasonable list of post-inspection repairs that we wanted taken care of prior to closing—and the offer was in large part rejected. More than a little annoyed, we decided to walk away and call the whole thing off late this morning. Then, late this afternoon, we received a rather urgent fax from the sellers’ agent, presenting a new addendum in which most of our requests were now accepted.

I love it when a plan comes together, even if unintentionally so.

The sellers actually appear to be rather decent folks. I don’t have as many kind words about their agent, however, and I’ll leave it at that. (Our agent, on the other hand, rules. Or maybe R00LZ. Regardless, he’s fantastic.)

But so far, so good, and further surprises notwithstanding, we should be new homeowners around the end of September. Stay tuned.

14 days and counting

Only 14 more days until the start of Texas A&M’s football season! (September 1st vs McNeese State)

And I’d like to apologize in advance if, at some point during the next few months, I turn into [even more of] a stark raving lunatic—it’s almost unavoidable this time of year. :-)


I’ve finally got around to putting my website back online. It’s woefully incomplete—in fact, there’s nothing here yet besides this new front page—but at least it’s a start.

Please be patient for just a little (yeah, right) longer. I really am trying. :-)